Village Council

President Trustees
Gina Hamilton                                      Gerry Osborn
  Jeff Linton
President Pro-Tem     Vicky Gunden
Chris Brewer Joe Manley
  Joe Hilyard

2016 Village Of Farwell Committees

President: Gina Hamilton
Finance/Office: Joe Manley, Vicky Gunden, Gina Hamilton
DPW: Chris Brewer, Jeff Linton, Gerry Osborn
Parks and Recreation/Farmers Market: Joe Manley, Joe Hilyard, Gina Hamilton
Personnel: Chris Brewer, Vicky Gunden, Gina Hamilton
Beautification: Vicky Gunden, Joe Hilyard, Joe Manley

Village Council Phone Numbers

Gina Hamilton:
Vicky Gunden: (989)289-8235
Joe Hilyard: (989)429-0469
Joe Manley: (989)588-2253
Jeff Linton: (989)205-2825
Gerry Osborn: (989)443-232





2016 Council Meetings- 6pm
May 2nd ~ June 6th ~ Tuesday, July 5th ~ August 1st
~ Tuesday, September 6th ~ October 3rd~ November 7th ~ December 5th

2016 Committee of the Whole Meetings -6pm
May 24th ~ June 21st ~ July 19th ~ August 23rd ~ September 20th
~ October 18th ~ November 22nd ~ December 20th

Council and COW are held in the Village Hall Council Meeting Room at 6pm
~ Public Welcome ~

2016 Finance Meetings – 8:30am

April 29th ~ May 20th ~ June 3rd ~ June 17th ~ July 1st ~ July 15th
~ July 29th  ~ August 19th ~ September 2nd ~ September 16th
~ September 30th ~ October 14th ~ November 4th
~ November 18th ~ December 2nd ~ December 16th  
Finance Meeting are held in the Village Office  

2016 DPW Meetings - 2:00pm
May 20th ~ June 10th ~ July 8th ~ August 5th ~ September 2nd
~ October 14th~ November 11th ~ December 9th
DPW Meetings are held in the Village Hall Council Meeting Room

2016 Parks and Recreation/Farmers Market
Meet the 1st Thursday of each Month otherwise noted in the Village Hall Council Meeting Room at 5pm

May 5th ~  June 2nd ~ July 7th ~ August 4th ~ September 1st
~ October 6th ~ November 3rd ~ December 1st

Personnel Committee
Beautifications Committees  

~ Dates and Times Subject to Change ~